Scrap my motorbike? Let us help.

We are here to buy your damaged bike. Scrap your bike with us.

Would you like to scrap your bike? We will solve your problem and buy it, no matter what it is and how it looks. “Sell motorbike” is  optimized to collect your Write off  even today.

Let us describe, how it works

Step 1: Contact  “Sell motorbike”- fill the form or call.

We are interested in buying from you any parts or motorbike. You can sell motorcycles, sport bike, spare parts, Write off, etc. You get a cash as soon as we collect your staff. Your localization isn’t a problem- we collect motorcycles by car carries everywere in UK and Ireland, not only in London.

Please give us as many information about your motorbike as possible. Fill a form or use WhatsUp- 07742730771 .




Step 2:  How much is it worth – “Sell my damaged bike!”

It’ not easy to have the best offer in UK or Ireland- but we manage! That’s why you should sell us your motorbike. Be sure, that we pay top cash for your motorbike or spareparts .

We pay top cash for category B write off!

If you have any questions about transaction, feel free to give it to us. We will respond it as soon as possible. After you agree to our price, your motorcycle is ready to be picked up.




Step 3: We pick it up and pay for motorbike in the same time– “Scrap my motorbike.”

We deliver fully filled agreement (please check it out and fill) and pay you for motorbike, spare parts or salvage. Now, you have 1 problem less then a few minutes ago. Transaction is fully legal- you do not have to worry about legal problems. This is, how you can scrap your motorbike on a best way!